Wire Trees
Here are a sample of wire trees that I make every so often. These are one of a kind and though I have made trees similar they are never re-created the same. If there is a tree that you would like me to make please contact me through my contact page or visit my facebook page Potions and wands.
  1. Copper wire tree
    Copper wire tree
    Made with Rose gold leaves and copper wire. $49 SOLD OUT
  2. Winter Maple
    Winter Maple
    Over all height 21cm(inc base) by 15 long. Base measurements: H3cmxL8x5W $49
  3. Thai Tree
    Thai Tree
    H17cm x W18cm (including Base) Base; H3cmxL8cmxD3cm $49
  4. Winter tree
    Winter tree
    $39 SOLD OUT
  5. Small Tree
    Small Tree
    Copper wire with Black leaves 12cm tall including base. $20
  6. Small tree Silver
    Small tree Silver
    14cm including base. $20
  7. I Ching Tree
    I Ching Tree
    20cm x18cm inc base Base; H2cm x L6cmx D5cm $49
  8. Tangle tree
    Tangle tree
    30cm x 20cm $69 SOLD OUT