More About Me
"Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm."

Born in Adelaide South Australia, Sognia moved a lot due to her fathers work with the Railways. The family moved almost annually to little country towns that sometimes only housed two to three other families.
Sognia who could already read and write at a very early age had already begun writing stories with colourful illustrations.
She often sat quietly alone with her imagination wandering far beyond the scrolling farming landscapes to pass the time away.
At the age of ten her family had finally moved to a big city; Perth Western Australia. 
Sognia loved being in the city and in a bigger school, and she made lots of new friends.
Dianella Primary school was where her teacher's paved the way to becoming a writer.  Often her classroom stories had been praised by teacher's and students and this gave Sognia the confidence to keep writing well into her teen years and beyond.
Over the years Sognia had written many stories and poems and some of them have been put forward to publishers throughout the years. But after many rejections, Sognia decided that maybe she wasn't good enough so she just wrote for herself and her children instead.

Sognia had found a new inspiration to write again. This time it was with her photography and poems.
She had been asked to display her breathtaking photographs in an art gallery where she had regular showings.
She put some of her poems alongside her photographs itself published book was called' As I See It!  
Sognia gave copies to her close family and friends as gifts, but the word soon spread and more and more people were wanting to buy a copy.
Though very happy with the response, Sognia decided to recreate a bigger coffee table book and include her newest poems and latest photographs.  In 2008 Perpetual Motions was published and is still available today on books.

Sognia was inspired to write "I Think My Dad is A Spy!" while delivering mail for Australia Post around her local area.
Though it took another 5 years for it to become published.Sognia wrote three other books in the series ...not yet released.

A few years later Sognia was working in the country as an Education Assistant when she had another inspiration for a series of books; The BusyBugs books, these five picture rhyming children's' books are only available in paperback and ebook found at and AppleIbooks.