1. I am sad to announce that there has been a delay on publishing the second book.
    Due to the fact that "I think my dad is a spy!" was published with another publisher, several Australian publishers are "reluctant" to take on the rest of the "Sophie series". This is very sad for many of my readers, though I have acquired an Agent and she is doing the best she can to get the rest of the series out there. In the mean time can those of you that have already read the book and liked/loved it please let ALL your friends know and this might just help push the publishers in our favour. Thank you and Happy Reading!
  2. Thank you everyone at Telfer for your support
    Where: Telfer Mine1,900km-Perth
    When: JULY 2016
    Thanks to the great spirit of the hard workers at the Telfer mine site. we raised over $700 for the Cure for Brain Cancer Foundation. Ashley won the Spy Briefcase for his children.
  3. April/May 2016 Fundraising with Telfer
    Where: Telfer Mine1,900km-Perth
    When: April/May 2016
    Thanks to the great spirit of the hard workers at the Telfer mine. For every copy of "I Think my Dad is a Spy!" $5 is going to the Cure for Brain Cancer Foundation. There is also a lucky draw of a custom made Spy Briefcase. Prize contains; Spy mirror glasses, invisible ink pen with uv light, 40x magnifying glass, fold up binoculars, a cool spy listening device, a signed copy of "I Think my Dad is a Spy!" all packed neatly in a light weight briefcase. Stay tuned to see the amount raised and the Winner of the Coolest Spy briefcase around!
  4. 2015 Book Week
    Where: Perth Hills
    When: 20/08/2015 -26/08/2015
    Thanks to several primary schools in the Perth hills and country area's Sognia was booked solid during Book Week talking to small groups of 20 and up to 300 students about her new book "I Think my dad is a Spy!" Sognia also introduced her Busy Bugs books to the younger demographic as well. Leaving each school with a signed copy for their library, Both the children and teaching staff loved the enthusiasm Sognia gave to the children and this encouraged students to want to become the next famous Author. Some schools have already booked Sognia for Book Week 2016 and new workshops with the pre-primary's and upper school children.
  5. "I Think My Dad is a Spy!" Book Launch
    Where: Kalamunda Hotel Kalamunda WA
    When: 5/07/2014 at 6:00pm
    The Book launch was a success over 150 people attended though the July weather gave us a rainy windy day. We raffled off a custom made "Spy Brief Case" we raised $300 for the CBCF Australia. Thank you to all those that attended, it was a pleasure. Happy Reading.

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Speaking & Workshops 
Sognia is available for half day and full day *workshops from
year3- yr8. These are literacy based workshops that often include taking the children through a step by step guide process of writing to being published and beyond. The full day workshop is jam packed with fun, short story writing and even a chance to win a signed copy of her latest book.
Sognia is more than happy to collaborate with teachers to provide a collaborative class session. 
 Kindy kids to year 2's are also catered for using her Busy Bugs books.

 Year one/two work shop shown below using the Busy Bugs books
School Visits

**Available for a 45-60 minute FREE visit from a small group up to the whole  school. These talks allow the children to fully interact with the Author.
If available Sognia likes to add a smart board presentation. She caters for both upper-lower school and a combination of both together, which involves showing & talking about all her published books.
Questions are encouraged throughout the talk as well as a comprehensive Q&A session at the end. 
A book pack is left with the office for purchase and personally signed books can be arranged.

One free signed book is donated to the school library (per school).

*Work shops: approx cost $300 half day -$500 full day
**School visits only available in the Perth area at the moment.
Sognia has a current WWC card and Police clearances.
Go to FAQ to see the most often asked questions.

 Contact Me

Sognia is also available for talks on her writing and art work at highschools, colleges, local libraries & halls.

Charity & Causes 
Cure Brain Cancer Foundation Australia
A Charity that is close to Sognia is Cure For Brain Cancer Foundation, "My best and  dearest school friend has brain cancer and she had had a hell of a time with it. We lost contact when she was originally diagnosed and only given a few months to live! After a massive fight she fought back and went into remission. Luckily we connected again only to find out that last year the tumour has come back.  After another bout of chemotherapy our fingers are crossed for her and her family".

Sognia had a door raffle to win a custom made "Spy Brief Case" at her book launch in July 2015 and the proceeds went to CBCF.  
"we are coming up with more ways in 2016 to donate to this amazing Charity!"

Did you Know?
Around 1600 people are diagnosed with brain cancer in Australia annually and approximately 1200 die from the disease every year.  Brain cancer kills more children in Australia than any other disease and more people under 40 than any other cancer. Brain cancer receives less than 5% of federal government cancer research funding.
Cure Brain Cancer Foundation is dedicated to accelerating the development of new treatments to increase five-year to survival from the current 20% to 50% by 2023.
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