More About Me
"Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm."
Born in Adelaide South Australia, Sognia moved a lot due to her fathers work with the Railways. The family moved almost annually to little country towns that sometimes only housed two to three other families.

Sognia's mother has a love of animals so she and her younger brother had grown up with many animals including dogs, cats, fish, cows, horses, sheep, goats, kangaroos,  parrots, cockatoos and numerous other birds and reptiles. Where ever they lived Sognia's mother a vetrinarian was never short of helping and rehabilitating sick or abandoned animals.
Going to school in the outback was sometimes a monumental task as the schools' Sognia enrolled in were often very far away from her house.  

Sognia often rode her horse with her mother nearly two kilometers (one mile) to the bus stop where she got on the school bus that took her 80 kilometers (50 miles) to kindergarten.

Sognia who could already read and write beyond her years had already began writing stories with colourful illustrations.
She often sat quietly alone with her imangination wandering far beyond the scrolling farming landscapes to pass the time away.

At the age of ten her family had finally moved to a big city; Perth Western Australia. Her father was now a school teacher. 
Sognia loved being in the city and in a bigger school, and she made lots of new friends very easily.
Dianella Primary school was where her teacher's paved the way to becoming a writer.  Often her classroom stories had been  praised by teacher's and students and this gave Sognia the confidence to keep writing well into her teens and beyond.

Now in her twenties sognia was married with two young children and she already had an impressive list of jobs behind her,  Sognia loved to study regulary. She recieved a higher diploma in Journalism in 2001. Sognia wrote as a freelane journalist and she had many articles published in local newspapers. But her real love was writing fiction stories and she longed to have a book she had written in a book store.
Over the years Sognia had written many stories and poems and some of them have been put forward to publishers throughout the years. But after many rejections, Sognia decided that maybe she wasnt good enough to be an Author so she just wrote for herself and her children instead.

Several years later after life got in the way,  Sognia remarried and had two step children of similar ages to her own two children. Sognia had found a new inspiration to write again. This time it was with her photography and poems.
Sognia had been asked to display her breathtaking photographs in an art gallery where she had regular showings.

Her new husband suggested that she create an anthology of her poems and photographs in a book?  With the digital age opening many new doors to aspiring artists  Sognia soon found a book editing suite online that allowed her to have full creativity.

She put some of her poems alongside her photographs and the book was called' As I See It!  Sognia gave away copies to her close family and friends as presents but the word soon spread and more and more people were wanting to buy a copy.

Though very happy with the publics response Sognia decided to keep that book private for family and close friends.

She decided to recreate a bigger coffee table book and have her newest poems and her latest photographs that were more macro nature photography.

In 2008 Perpetual Motions was born. Still available today  only in ebook (as the hard copy edition is quite expensive), Sognia still sells this regulary on the blurb website.

While the inspiration was still flowing  Sognia had  written a book initially called Sophie the Postie which started out as a more a serious novel. than a teen fiction book.

Sognia was inspired to write this while she was working casually for Australia Post delivering mail around her local area.

Sent on to a few publishers over a few years, one publisher though rejected the novel advised her that the story may work better if it was broken down to a series of smaller stories.

Sognia took on the advise and set about rewriting the book. Several months later  "I Think my Dad is a Spy!" was born.
The new manuscript was sent to publishers around the country, but in the mean time she had decided to publish it on online where it was selling very well both as ebook and hard copy.

A few years later and Sognia now working in the country as an Education Assistant had another inspiration for a series of books;The BusyBugs books. These five books were writen in seven days but the illustrations took Sognia over a month to complete per book.  

Also available as paperback and ebook these books are still for sale on

Quite happy that this was the closest she was going to get to becoming a published Author Sognia carried on with her day to day living...However in mid 2013 Sognia and her husband were undertaking a full house  renovation in the Perth hills when she recieved a telephone call from a freelane Editor.

The Editor had found the "I Think my Dad is a Spy!" manauscript in a pile dating back to 2010 and she wanted to put it forward to a few publishing houses. Sognia agreed, though excited she didnt want to get her expectations too high.

Just as she assumed several months went by and it was obviously all forgotton about...
Until six moths later, Sognia recieved a call from an interstate publishing house saying they were interested in publishing the book.

After a long an educational journey within the publishing industry "I Think My Dad is a Spy!" was finally published in June 2015.
Today it is available in paperback and ebook at many bookstores and online across the globe.
The much awaited second book Can Oliver Crookshanks Really be a Vampire? has already been written and is just waiting for the publishing go ahead.

While the third book in the Sophie Series is under way, with the public's help and sales Sognia hopes to have these books out and in bookstores very soon.